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MOUNT shadowset members for BACKUP?

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The Question is:

Hello, I'm would like to use a shadow set member for backup. When I dismount
 one disk from the shadow set with policy=minicopy I'm not able to mount this
 disk back to the cluster. I always get this error message: " another volume of
 same label already mou
nted." The disk is write locked and it's not possible to change his label. How
 can I mount such a disk to three node cluster ?

The Answer is :

  Do not use MOUNT/SYSTEM to mount the temporarily-removed shadowset
  member volume, as you can have only one volume of a particular volume
  label mounted shareably.   All shared volumes must have unique volume
  In this case, mount the member volume privately with a DCL command
  such as the following:
  and keep the volume mounted privately for the duration of the volume
  BACKUP operation.

answer written or last revised on ( 8-DEC-2002 )

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