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Batch Job Completion? SMTP Mail Troubleshooting?

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The Question is:

Each night some batch jobs are launched to backup the system and do some
 checks. For each of the jobs I have a log file that tells me if the job was
 comleted. Some batch jobs are sending me e-mail on my Outlook NT network
 account using the VMS Mail utilit
y. This is done using a batch job for which I also have log files.
For some reason, some e-mails are not getting to me anymore (even if the log
 file states that the job was terminated).
Is there a way to check the list of jobs that were submitted and completed
 successfuly ?  Also, is there a way to check that my send mail is sending the
 mail as required (mail is reaching the Exchange boxes)?
Thank you !

The Answer is :

  System accounting and (if enabled) security alarms can indicate
  completion status values, and batch queues can also be set to
  maintain entries on error or upon completion.
  As a diagnostic tool, the OpenVMS Wizard would recommend use of
  use of a local OpenVMS mail address and/or of a mail server --
  this to determine if the problem is local or if the problem is
  within the communications to the remote Microsoft Exchange server.
  These (local) messages can be acquired using MAIL directly, or by
  configuring and using IMAP (TCP/IP V5.3 and later) or POP3 services
  and a remote MAIL client.  Available SMTP logging mechanisms within
  TCP/IP Services can additionally be enabled and can tell you if the
  SMTP message was queued, but not if it was delivered.  (Questions
  involving troubleshooting Microsoft software or potential problems
  and debugging options with the Exchange SMTP connector will have
  to be directed to Microsoft.)

answer written or last revised on ( 8-DEC-2002 )

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