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More than 16 nodes on CI star? (CISCE)

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The Question is:

Does the Wizard still remember about VAX CI clusters?
I have a 16 node CI cluster made up of VAX 76xx's, VAX 64xx's, HSJ40's HSJ50's
 and HSC's.  These are all connected to a single Star Coupler.  Everything is
 wonderful, but I need to add two more nodes and I even have a second 16 port
 Star Coupler.  Everyth
ing I read tells me I can have 32 nodes on the same CI, but I can't figure out
 how to wire the Star Couplers.
The real question is "What are the methods for wiring CI cluster with more than
 16 nodes?"
I have searched everywhere I can think of and I can find no documentation that
 covers this.
Thanks for any help you may offer,
A lowly museum curator

The Answer is :

  You would need parallel stars and parallel network connections to
  ensure total connectivity is maintained, or you would need to acquire
  a (used) CISCE star coupler expander.  The CISCE is the prerequisite
  for CI configurations with more than 16 notes on a single CI star.
  One common organization for parallel stars involves determining
  which hosts need direct connections to which storage controllers,
  and collecting the storage controllers onto appropriate CI lobes.
  This approach may entail acquiring multiple additional CI adapters,
  as multiple adapters may be required on particular OpenVMS hosts.
  Consolidation onto newer hosts or newer storage controllers would be
  the other obvious approach.  Possibly using newer VAX hardware, or
  possibly using a port of the application to OpenVMS Alpha or using
  a VAX emulator operating onan  OpenVMS Alpha system.
  The CISCE is only rarely available on the used equipment market.

answer written or last revised on ( 8-DEC-2002 )

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