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IP routing and network design?

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The Question is:

Dear Sir(s),
We have two numbers of Compaq Alpha DS20E systems running under Open VMS7.3.1.
 These systems are connected in a dual LAN environment with IP addresses in the
(192.168.17.x on one LAN) and (193.168.17.x on the Other LAN)
Now We have configured a Wanrouter of CISCO make (3640 model number) on the
 same Dual LAN environment. This WAN router is connected to a remote WAN router
 of the same make with model number 1721. To this remote WAN router, a Compaq
 W6000 work station is c
onnected running Windows 2000. (IP address is
Now, my question is,
1. We are able to ping the remote work stations from the VMS server only when
 both the networks of the Dual LAN are active. If one network is removed, the
 remote work station is not pinging.
But, actually, we have to configure dual lan for redundancy purpose such that
 if one fails the other will be active.
How to configure this in a VMS environment?
Do we need to do any thing with the gateways?
We couldnt understand properly what is GATED routing and Dynamic routing?
can any one suggest me.

The Answer is :

  Simplify the configuration for testing purposes.  For an introduction
  to the "divide and conquer" troubleshooting technique -- as applied
  to application design, but the technique itself is certainly entirely
  applicable here -- please see topics (7552) and (4129).
  Clearly, you have a network router connectivity problem -- routing
  to the remote IP network is not available from one of your two LAN
  segments.  This would imply a problem in the Cisco configuration
  and its routing, or that the OpenVMS Alpha hosts are not configured
  to interoperate with the Cisco routing environment.
  In this case, the OpenVMS Wizard would assume that the Cisco device
  is providing routing and potentially also DNS, or that the Cisco
  is configured to communicate with the OpenVMS Alpha host if OpenVMS
  Alpha is providing DNS and routing information.  (DNS applies here
  only for name translations, the direct problem here is assumed to
  be one of routing if address-based ICMP ping operations are failing.)
  For details of GATED routing, please see the available TCP/IP Services
  documentation.  For details of the Cisco router and its IP routing
  capabilities and any associated routing protocol requirements, please
  see the Cisco documentation.
  Please ensure you have TCP/IP Services V5.3 or (as available) later,
  and please ensure you have the current ECO kit applied.
  If you wish formal assistance in configuring this network, please
  contact your local HP services organization for assistance.

answer written or last revised on ( 9-DEC-2002 )

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