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Configuring Serial Console?

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The Question is:

I have recently acquired an old PWS500au.  I have
no use for the graphic environment and have been
trying to make a vt320 work as a serial console on COM1.  After performing:
 >>>set console serial
at the SRM prompt, I get some success.  The output appears to go to the vt320,
 however no input seems to get to the PWS.  I can boot because I still have the
 PS2 keyboard and monitor plugged in, I thought it was strange that they were
 still somewhat activ
e and this may be a symtom.  Am I missing something or do I have some broken
 hardware or connections (if so where would be a good place to look?).

The Answer is :

  Please search for COM1 or COM2 or related strings in the OpenVMS
  FAQ.  In particular, the section entitled "Which terminal device
  name is assigned to the COM ports?" will be of central interest.
  Of additional interest will be the section "How do I boot an
  AlphaStation without monitor or keyboard?"
  Though the OpenVMS Wizard expects you will find the resolution to
  this problem within the text of the first FAQ topic discussed above,
  please see existing discussions (here and in the FAQ) of serial
  communications troubleshooting and associated diagnostic tools such
  as the serial line break-out box, and for discussions of the required
  pinouts, and for display monitor compatibility should you decide to
  move to a graphical workstation configuration.  Topic (7552) also
  includes discussions of debugging and troubleshooting techniques.

answer written or last revised on ( 10-DEC-2002 )

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