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Third-party network hardware? (Cisco router)

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The Question is:

We have a system configuration wherein Two Alpha Servers (running VMS) and 3
 WIN2000 workstations are connected on two different LAN networks (Meaning each
 of the Server and Clients has two Network controllers). Additionally, a router
 (CISCO) is also conn
ected to these LAN networks to provide connectivity to 4 Nos of Remote Win2000
The Remote Clients are situated at geographically different locations and are
 equipped with Routers. We are able to establish TCP/IP connectivity only when
 One Network Controller is enabled at all servers and workstations, but not
 when both the controller
s are enabled. Please furnish detailed procedure to define default gateways for
 both the controllers at Servers so that the connectivity can be established.

The Answer is :

  With a properly-functioning and configured router, OpenVMS will
  operate one or more network controllers, with each controller
  having one or more IP addresses.
  Please contact your prefered network services provider for network
  configuration assistance -- this appears to be centrally a question
  with the Cisco IP router involved and specifically with the Cisco
  router configuration, and not specifically with the OpenVMS TCP/IP
  Services configuration.  (The OpenVMS Wizard is not a Cisco Wizard.)
  You will want to apply current ECO kits for OpenVMS and TCP/IP
  Services, though these are unlikely to resolve this situation.

answer written or last revised on ( 7-JAN-2004 )

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