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Meaning of DIRALLOC Directory Error?

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The Question is:

When running a series of backups from a .SBK file, I'm getting the following on
 an attempt to create a summary file for the 9th backup out of 12 :-
%DCL-E-OPENOUT, error opening
-RMS-E-CRE, ACP file create failed
-SYSTEM-W-DIRALLOC, allocation failure on directory file
The backups then abort. This has worked OK on other nights. I suspect that some
 limit (max files, max chars per combined file string) is being blown, but I
 can't work out what. If this is not the correct forum, can you please tell me
 what is. Also, is the
re any way to scan the patches for a particular error, like "-SYSTEM-W-DIRALLOC
 in SLS"?
Ken McNulty

The Answer is :

DIRALLOC,  allocation failure on directory file
  Facility:     SYSTEM, System Services
  Explanation:  The file system failed to allocate space to increase the
                size of a directory file. Because directory files must be
                contiguous, this error might be caused by the disk being
                full. More likely, there is not enough contiguous space on
                the disk for the directory, so the free disk space is being
  User Action:  Reorganize the free disk space by copying it with the Backup
                utility, or restructure your application to use a larger
                number of smaller directories.

answer written or last revised on ( 7-JAN-2004 )

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