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TELNETSYM Printing and Blank Pages?

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The Question is:

To whom it may concern,
I am attempting to address what seems seems to be the age old issue of form
 feeds with HP printers. Of coarse, starting with document 1020. All other
 related documents have also not produced any results. The firmware version on
 my test printer (HPJL4100tn
)is also within bounds. Generic queues that do not require device library
 modules print with no problems. As soon as you add any (PCL code)text other
 than an {esc}to a library you get CR and FF's. Dumps have definitively proved
 this to be the case. HP doe
s not provide any reasonable  documentation to suppress form feeds. With 300
 printers and waiste that could make stock holding in a paper company very
 profitable. Solutions are needed. Test que example is listed below:
ALPHAD::OPSPNM $ show que/full/all ist2
Printer queue IST2, stopped, autostart inactive, on ALPHAD::"IST2p:9100",
mounted form COMPRESS1
  <IS TEST PRINTER -Compressed  IST2/LTA532>
Is there anybody out there that assist me?

The Answer is :

  As the OpenVMS Wizard will assume that the suggestions in topic (1020)
  have been followed exactly here and will further assume that topic
  (1020) has not produced a solution, the OpenVMS Wizard is at a loss
  for additional options and suggestions, please contact support directly.
  Information on the exact configuration of the device control library
  (TEST, in your command example), the reset module contents, and of the
  HP LaserJet 4100 series printer itself will be required.  Additionally,
  details on the TCP/IP Services version and ECO will also be required.
  As of this writing, TCP/IP Services V5.3 with ECO is the current HP
  IP release for OpenVMS.
  The support database article entitled "TCP/IP] A Comprehensive Description
  Of TELNETSYM" -- largely applicable here, though specifically written for
  pre-V5 releases -- may also be of interest here.  Also please see the
  TCP/IP Services management manual, and specifically the section of the
  TELNETSYM printing chapter on controlling formfeeds.

answer written or last revised on ( 12-DEC-2002 )

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