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ssl, ssh, scp, sftp, encryption, security?

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The Question is:

When will scp (secure copy) be part of OpenVMS, or what do I need to make it
 available on OpenVMS today?
I need to copy a lot of Data using FTP today, I need to encrypt these data...
 Please help!

The Answer is :

  Encrypt the file using your choice of host tools, and then use COPY/FTP.
  Alternatively, OpenSSL is available, with SSH expected in TCP/IP Services
  V5.4 and later.  And commercial and open-source ports of scp and sftp
  are readily available for OpenVMS.
  Related topics include (9600), (9590), (8147) and (8178).
  Information on these topics is available via the Network Management
  and the Security links that are available at the HP OpenVMS Solutions
  webpage, itself with a link available at:

answer written or last revised on ( 1-APR-2004 )

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