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ELSA GLoria Synergy? (take II)

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The Question is:

I have a 500au. It has a Elsa graphics card. when I boot it , I do not get any
 display from any monitor. i have use the video card on a pc and it works.
 There are no beeps and the LED staus light are on at 0 ans 4 only. I have
 tried different monitors but
 can still not see any display. Is there somewhere i can get more info on this?
I have tried all the steps in
Can I connect to the box using a com port??

The Answer is :

  Only the PowerStorm 3D10T PBXGK-xx ELSA GLoria Synergy variant is
  supported by OpenVMS, and the specific OpenVMS Alpha version and
  ECO requirements for this controller are listed in the OpenVMS
  Frequently Asked Questions document.
  As is described in the OpenVMS Frequently Asked Questions document,
  please also see topics (3419) and (5448) here in the OpenVMS Ask
  The Wizard area for setup and configuration information for the
  PowerStorm 3D10T series PBXGX-xx ELSA GLoria Synergy
  Information on connecting a serial console to an Alpha system is also
  listed in the OpenVMS Frequently Asked Questions document.

answer written or last revised on ( 13-DEC-2002 )

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