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Page file name not available?

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The Question is:

This is a VAXstation 4000-60.
From issuing a $SHOW MEM command, why would I get a "page file name not
Paging File Usage (pages):                      Free  Reservable       Total
  DISK$SYSTEM:[SYS0.SYSEXE]SWAPFILE.SYS         5000        5000        5000
  DISK$SYSTEM:[SYS0.SYSEXE]PAGEFILE.SYS        71720       26646      100000
  (Page file name not available)              107055       37483      149992

The Answer is :

  This particular behaviour is deliberate and is present in V5.4 and later,
  and this message indicates that you lack the necessary read access needed
  to view the particular filename.

answer written or last revised on ( 18-DEC-2002 )

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