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Extra Formfeeds wanted on HP Printer (take II)

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The Question is:

I have HP LaserJet III attached to a HP JetDirect EX PLus print server.  This
 print server is set up with its own IP address.  Whe the printer is used, it
 does not print a form feed at the end of the print job.  The user has to eject
 the last page manuall
Here is the information about my server and how the printer queue is set up:
  Compaq TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS Alpha Version V5.3 on a COMPAQ AlphaServer
 DS10 617 MHz running OpenVMS V7.3
The printer is set up as follows:
The que work if I set is to print FLAG=ONE, but that would be a waste of paper
 do to the fact that we print many one page documets.

The Answer is :

  Please check the HP printer setup options -- within LPD, the printer
  or printer NIC is the entity that should be generating the banner.
  Various printers can be configured to perform a number of different
  banner and job separation options.
  Please see topics (1020) and (2405) as a start, as well as topics
  (2507) and (2632).
  Details of the available printcap symbols and supporting information
  is included in the current TCP/IP Services LPD documentation.

answer written or last revised on ( 18-DEC-2002 )

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