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Debugging lib$table_parse errors?

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The Question is:

I am facing a fascinating problem with OpenVMS RTL library
 routine LIB$TABLE_PARSE.I run
 the compiled code in ALPHA.
 We have a huge buffer of data.We pass it to lib$table_parse
 routine as an argument.In that
 data we have a lookup table whose values are string (TPA$_ANY).When
 this is parsed we get the error.It
 was working fine with a value like "SEPOSS", but when one character
 is added like "SEPOSS1" I get
 the error
 " %LIB-F-SYNTAXERR, string syntax error detected by
 But the same buffer of data is not throwing any error when
 1) this value is again changed to "SEPOSS12345" or
 2) if we add a blank string within quotes immediately after
 this line where data is
 changed or
 3) when some huge number of entries is deleted from the
 What may be the reason for it.Does LIB$TABLE_PARSE has
 any "limitations" ????
 or should i change any variable or parameters regarding that.Has
 anybody faced similar problem .
 Could you please help me .
 Thanks in advance,

The Answer is :

  Your code contains one or more of what are loosely known as bugs.
  If you wish formal assistance in researching this, then source code
  access and a reproducer will be required -- please contact the
  customer support center directly for assistance.
  For an example of using lib$table_parse, please see the GNM tool
  that is available on OpenVMS Freeware V6.0.

answer written or last revised on ( 7-JAN-2004 )

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