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Configuring Outbound Terminal Displays?

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The Question is:

I have detached processes (Fortran/FMS/qios) that talk to dumb terminals
 (VT510's). As a result there is no login done on the terminal (it is a defined
 device). How can I treat a Windows 2000 PC as a dumb terminal to the same
 effect. Because there is no l
ogin, no device name is known and if it were possible, how would the terminal
 emulator be started on the PC to handle the IO? We use TCPware on the VAX and
 Reflections on the PC.

The Answer is :

  For information on establishing an outbound telnet connection using
  TCP/IP Services, please see the OpenVMS Frequently Asked Questions
  (FAQ).  Specifically, please see the OpenVMS FAQ section on estabishing
  reverse telnet connections.
  For details of how TCPware might provide and configure this option,
  please check the TCPware documentation and the associated vendor
  support mechanisms.
  WRQ Reflections is a family of products including a terminal emulator,
  a LAT transport driver and an X Windows server.  For details on
  configuring these, please see your documentation or contact WRQ.
  The WRQ Reflection terminal emulators using the WRQ LAT driver can be
  scripted using Reflection Basic to connect to an OpenVMS LAT service.
  Reports from people who have done this indicate that the script needs
  to retry at least once on failure when connecting to the faster OpenVMS
  A detached process can connect up to a LAT port offered as part of a
  LAT service and monitor the connection status through either the SYS$QIO
  The X-Windows server could provide a display for an X Windows display
  connection as created by the OpenVMS command SET DISPLAY/CREATE, followed
  by the CREATE/TERMINAL DECterm terminal creation operation.
  (Information on customizing various DECterm displays is available in
  the FAQ.)  The Reflections X Windows display server operating on the
  Windows platform will have to have its security configured to allow
  inbound connections from the OpenVMS host.
  HP also offers terminal emulation, LAT protocol, and an X-11 server for
  Personal Computers in the Pathworks 32 product.

answer written or last revised on ( 30-DEC-2002 )

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