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PATHWORKS Licensing Failures?

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The Question is:

AlphaServer 1200 running Opnevms 7.1 and Pathworks version 6.0. Trying to put
 Windows 2000 Pro into the network with Pathwork 32 version 7.2 to request a
 client license fron AplhaServer, (Client license PWLMVMSCU05.00, 1000 units
 and PWLMXXXCA06.00 4000 u
nits) but the license request crashes Pathworks application on the AlphaServer.
 Our main application will not at this time run on OpenVms 7.2 What patches or
 software will work?

The Answer is :

  Unfortunately, you are mixing newer PATHWORKS 32 client code with
  older and now-unsupported OpenVMS and PATHWORKS versions.
  Please contact the support center, as details of the failure and of
  the particular PATHWORKS V6 ECO level will be required -- if you are
  not running the current PATHWORKS ECO for V6.0, please install it.
  The OpenVMS Wizard would encourage maintaining current releases and
  current ECOs, as remaining on older and particularly on older and
  unsupported releases can be more expensive than it might initially
  appear to be.
  OpenVMS V7.1 and PATHWORKS V6.0 are both no longer current and
  supported versions.  As of this writing, PATHWORKS V6.0D is the
  latest version of V6.0 and V6.1 is the current, supported version
  of the PATHWORKS for OpenVMS product.
  Support for Windows 2000 clients requires PATHWORKS V6.1 for OpenVMS.
  The license PWLMVMSCU05.00 is only applicable to PATHWORKS for OpenVMS
  V5 servers.  It does not appear that your configuration can make any use
  of this license, and thus the OpenVMS Wizard will ignore its presence.
  License PWLMXXXCA06.00 is applicable to PATHWORKS V5 or V6.0 servers.
  This license will not work with PATHWORKS V6.1 for OpenVMS servers.
  License PWLMXXXCA07.03 is required for PATHWORKS V6.1 for OpenVMS.
  It appears you have only one OpenVMS server running PATHWORKS.  If this
  is true, it is not obvious to the OpenVMS Wizard why you are running
  with client-based licensing.  Accordingly, the OpenVMS Wizard suggests
  you convert to server-based licensing by re-running the procedure
  SYS$UPDATE:PWRK$CONFIG.COM and choosing to NOT run the license server.
  The command:
  will prevent the server from checking for a client-based license and
  will instead immediately assign a server based license.   This may
  solve your immediate problem with the crash arising when a license
  is requested.
  Eventually, you will want to remove the client license requester
  software which is running on the desktop clients, however this can
  be done at your leisure.
  As for the particular crash you are seeing, the OpenVMS Wizard is not
  familiar with it, and would suggest you contact the customer support
  center directly for further assistance.

answer written or last revised on ( 13-JAN-2003 )

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