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LOCKMGRERR system crashes?

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The Question is:

"Error detected by Lock Manager"
Alpha crashing nightly since Dec 24 between midninght and 12:30. System has
 been stable for years. No changes to sysmans knowledge.
What are the best remedy ?
Following event recorded by errlog.sys (diagnose)
Logging OS                        1. OpenVMS
System Architecture               2. Alpha
OS version                           V7.2-1
Event sequence number         16902.
Timestamp of occurrence              25-DEC-2002 00:30:15
System Model                         COMPAQ AlphaServer DS10 617 MHz
Entry type                       37. Crash Re-Start
Bugcheck Minor class              1. Crash Re-start
Bugcheck Msg                         LOCKMGRERR, Error detected by Lock Manager
Process ID                x009401BF
Process Name
KSP                       x000000007B045018
ESP                       x000000007B0AD318
SSP                       x000000007FFAC1A0
USP                       x000000007AEBBAF0
R0                        x0000000000000001
R1                        xFFFFFFFF7F796000
R2                        xFFFFFFFF80000000
R3                        xFFFFFFFF7F79C000
R4                        x0000000000000C00
R5                        x0000000000000090
R6                        xFFFFFFFF7F63E350
R7                        x0000000000000004
R8                        x000000007B045260
R9                        x0000000000000239
R10                       x000000000000000A
R11                       x000000007B045250
R12                       x0000000000000239
R13                       xFFFFFFFF82149420
R14                       xFFFFFFFF8F742820
R15                       xFFFFFFFF820970A0
R16                       x00000000000005A4
R17                       xFFFFFFFF82085C00
R18                       x0000000000008000
R19                       x000000000010D0C7
R20                       x0000000000000000
R21                       xFFFFFFFF7F63E010
R22                       x0000000000000001
R23                       xFFFFFFFF82096988
R24                       x0000000000000100
R25                       xFFFFFFFF7F796000
R26                       x0000000000001FFF
R27                       x0000000000002000
R28                       x0000000000000020
FP                        x000000007B0450C0
SP                        x000000007B045018
PC                        xFFFFFFFF80162F3C
PS                        x1800000000000800
PTBR                      x0000000000007F1A
Process Ctl Block Base Re x000000001C430080
PRBR                      xFFFFFFFF80C1C000
VPTB                      xFFFFFFFC00000000
System Ctl Block Base Reg x00000000000001D1
Software Interrupt Summar x0000000000000000
ASN                       x000000000000000B
ASTSR ASTEN               x000000000000000F
FEN                       x0000000000000000
ASN                       x000000000000000B
IPL                       x0000000000000008
MCES                      x0000000000000000

The Answer is :

  Please seriously consider using a supported release, please aapply
  the mandatory ECO kits for the release in use, and -- if the problem
  persists -- please contact the support center.
  To find the mandatory ECO kits, please use the ECO search engine
  referenced in the OpenVMS FAQ.

answer written or last revised on ( 2-JAN-2003 )

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