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Coding C in Fortran?

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The Question is:

In an OpenVMS Fortran memory resident detached process, how do I open a new
 version of the file assigned to SYS$OUTPUT?  In C I would do this:
stdout = freopen(filename,"w",stdout,"shr=upd");
   where filename is the name of the file I want to assign to sys$output from
 here on.
I cannot find an equivalent Fortran function.  Can you help me?

The Answer is :

  You are coding in C terms and concepts, though using Fortran.  Though
  this is a statement of the obvious, Fortran is not C.
  OpenVMS itself permits I/O devices to be shared, if the channel is
  opened appropriately.  Please see the OpenVMS Fortran documentation
  for how to program using Fortran language extensions and Fortran I/O.

answer written or last revised on ( 4-JAN-2003 )

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