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DEC 3000 model 300X cabling?

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The Question is:

I have a DEC 3000 model 300X that I wish to run OpenVMS on. However I need to
 get a few cables for it and was trying to get the part numbers for them.
I need cable to connect DA-15 connector on back of machine to keyboard and
 mouse. I need cable to connect 3w3 connector on back of machine to 3 BNC
 connectors on monitor. I cannot find part numbers for these cables in my
I found a similar question in archive but am worried because answer seemed to
 imply that video, keyboard and mouse were connected on one cable. I do not
 believe this is the case for DEC 3000 models. I believe it was true for
 VAXstations. So I am understan
dably worried about the part number given in that answer.
Bradley Slavik

The Answer is :

  The BC13M-10 is the keyboard and mouse cable for the DEC 3000 model 300X
  series system.  This order number may not be visible on the cable itself;
  look for part numbers 17-02640-01 or 17-02640-02 on the 15-pin end of the
  The video connection is a separate triax; the BC29G-09 cable.  This cable
  order number can also be identified as the 17-02906-01 part.
  Cables of this vintage Alpha workstation can be and often are common
  with the then-current members of the VAXstation series.
  Discussions of synch-on-green in the OpenVMS FAQ are applicable.
  While the DEC 3000 series systems are still supported on current versions
  of OpenVMS, a faster, newer system is likely a better choice for many
  Pointers to various hardware-related websites are included in
  the OpenVMS FAQ.

answer written or last revised on ( 6-JAN-2003 )

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