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Volume Shadowing or MOUNT Crash?

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The Question is:

Our system on-line storage comprise a number of removable hard disks configured
 into a Works Storage array and coupled using Volume Shadowing software. One
 day it was noticed that a member of a shadow set dismounted itself and would
 not allowed to be moun
ted back.  Suspected hard disk failure.  Ordered a new hardk disk replacement
 and (after initialising) when mounted as a member of the shadow set, the
 system crashed.  This happened every time the volume was added to the shadow
The replacement hard drive is exactly the same model (and DEC part number) as
 the current single shadow set member but may be manufafured at a later date as
 the system is now a few years old.  The devices type in question are both DEC
 RZ1BB-CS.  Any sugge
stions on why the system crash will be welcome.

The Answer is :

  As OpenVMS Alpha V7.1-2 is no longer supported, the use of a more
  current release is encouraged.  Please apply the available mandatory
  ECO kits for the OpenVMS Alpha release in use, and also please apply
  any shadowing ECO kit that is available for the OpenVMS release in use.
  Assuming current ECOs and a supported version, please contact the
  support center directly -- details of the crash will be required.
  (The necessary details will include the specific type of system crash,
  the specific location of the crash, and the other information that is
  usually available from the output of the ANALYZE/SYSTEM (SDA) command

answer written or last revised on ( 8-JAN-2003 )

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