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Concatenate (APPEND) Files?

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The Question is:

I have multiple sequential files that are format of stream.  These files are
 copied together.  When we process the merged file.  We see two records instead
 of one large stream of data.  Is there a way of using the convert utility to
 change the two records
 into one large stream data record?

The Answer is :

    If a sequential file is truly of the stream format, in the rms sense
    of the word and that would be the only sense that matters, then the
    file consists of data records where each record is terminated.
    So even if a file has just one data stream it will have a distinct record.
    Ergo if you append two such files, there woudl have to be two records,
    just like you wittnesed.
    If you want or believe a file to be just a stream of bytes, then in the
    ever important RMS sense, you would need to lavel it 'UNDEFINED'.
    You can do force this using the command SET FILE/ATTRIBUTE=RFM=UDF.
    You may be able to solve your problem by doing this on all input files
    and possible reset to stream for the next processing step.
    If the contents of you file does not meet the RMS specs, then you can
    not use an VMS provided tool, as those all use RMS, and you would have
    to roll your own toolset. You'd probably using the C language, and
    possible still use RMS but in BLOCK MODE or this UNDEFINED Record Format
    Mode. A private tool could also choose to ignore the terminator byte(s).

answer written or last revised on ( 13-JAN-2003 )

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