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StorageWorks SW800 Disk Upgrade?

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The Question is:

We are using SW800-series Storage Cabinets with BA350-VA shelves.  I am getting
 ready to replace my raid disk drives which are 1 gig with 9.1 gig.  The HP
 technician told me that I may need to purches dual speed blowers.
How can I determine if my existing equipment has dual speed blowers.  Little to
 no documentation on the older DEC equipment is available.
Please help.  Thanks,

The Answer is :

  Regarding the upgrade of the SW800 series StorageWorks cabinetry
  for the increased thermal cooling requirements of newer disks...
  Add the fan tray kit, SW8XF-AB, one per cabinet.
  Upgrade to the two-speed fans, BA35X-MD, two per shelf.
  Replace the BA35X-HA power supply with the BA35X-HF (older) or
  the DS-BA35X-HH (newer, or more recent), one or two per shelf.
  The above sequence assumes the StorageWorks shelf revision is
  compatible with the two-speed fans.
  The OpenVMS Wizard usually prefers to simply replace the entire
  shelf with more recent and far higher-density storage.  This is
  simpler, and (given the prices of the newer disks) often also
  cheaper and easier.

answer written or last revised on ( 6-FEB-2003 )

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