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Resolving CPU spinwait (CPUSPINWAIT) crash?

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The Question is:

CPU 02 reason for Bugcheck: CPUSPINWAIT, CPU spinwait timer expired.
What VMS 7.1 patches purportedly 'fix' such bugchecks?

The Answer is :

  The spinlock spinwait timer can expire for various reasons, and any of
  various spinlocks can be involved.  A one- or two-line question is
  exceedingly difficult for the OpenVMS Wizard to answer -- even with
  the level of detail that is provided by the SDA and CLUE output
  generated for a system bugcheck, the diagnosis can be quite difficult.
  In this case, minimal diagnosis would involve the identification of
  the particular spinlock involved.
  OpenVMS Alpha V7.1-2 and particularly OpenVMS Alpha V7.1 are very old,
  and the OpenVMS Wizard strongly recommends an upgrade to a more current
  OpenVMS release.  Please upgrade to a more current release, and please
  also apply all mandatory ECO kits for the particular OpenVMS release
  presently in use.
  If you wish to continue to use older OpenVMS releases, you will want to
  make the effort to keep your system loaded with the most current ECO kits
  available for the release.
  Information on the support status and the associated schedules and plans
  are available via the Prior Version Support (PVS) section of the OpenVMS
  FAQ, and pointers to an ECO search engine are also available in the FAQ.

answer written or last revised on ( 15-JAN-2003 )

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