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CPUSANITY, CPU sanity timer expired?

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The Question is:

What does the message: CPU Sanity Timer Expired mean?

The Answer is :

  Loosely translated, this message means "apply the mandatory ECO
  kits and (if the problem persists) contact the customer support
  From the "HELP/MESSAGE SANITY" output:
 CPUSANITY,  CPU sanity timer expired
  Facility:     SMP, Symmetric Multiprocessing
  Explanation:  One of the processors in a multiprocessor configuration
                detected that another processor that is participating in the
                SMP environment is no longer responding to hardware clock
  User Action:  After the system reboots, determine which processor stopped
                responding to hardware clock interrupts by analyzing the crash
                dump generated by this bugcheck. Further analysis of the crash
                dump might show the reason why that CPU was not responding to
                clock interrupts; for example, it was looping in a driver at
                an IPL high enough to block its clock interrupts. Correct the
                code that stayed at high IPL for too long.

answer written or last revised on ( 21-JAN-2003 )

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