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Resolving Licensing (PAK) Issues?

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The Question is:

I've found out on my Alpha server 4100 the next messages and I don't know
 what's wrong.
%LICENSE-E-NOAUTH, DEC OPENVMS-ALPHA use is not authorized on this node
-LICENSE-F-EXCEEDED, attempted usage ecxeeds active license limits
-LICENSE-I-SYSMGR, please see your system manager
When I wrote in system account :
$show license/brief, there was this information:
Producer: DEC
Units: 75
Avail: 0
Activ: A
Version: 0
Release: (none)
Termination: (none)
I've registered 2 licenses, OVMS Alpha Base DS20 LIC with 25 units and OVMS/A
 SMP Asvr1200/DS20 with 50 units.

The Answer is :

  General details on troubleshooting licensing problems are included in
  the OpenVMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).  Additionally, the
  application of all current mandatory ECO kits and use of the current
  Alpha firmware is also recommended.
  The referenced pair of license Product Authorization Keys (PAKs) are
  correct for an AlphaServer DS25 series system with two processors.
  License requirements for OpenVMS and various layered products are
  stored in the License Units Requirement Table (LURT).  The following
  command will display the LURT for the current system:
  The FAQ has a pointer to the main LURT table; to the licensing website.
  On the AlphaServer DS25 series and on all other Alpha systems supporting
  Dynamic System Recognition (DSR), the license unit requirements are
  provided by the system's hardware and/or firmware.  In the particular
  case of the AlphaServer DS25 series, the very earliest shipments of the
  series included a version of the SRM firmware (V6.3-3) that contained
  incorrect data for the system licensing.
  Accordingly, please apply the mandatory ECO kits for OpenVMS, and please
  also upgrade the SRM console firmware to V6.3-5 or later.  This should
  correct the aforementioned licensing issue and should allow normal
  OpenVMS operation with the supplied license PAKs.

answer written or last revised on ( 5-FEB-2003 )

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