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MOUNT, DISMOUNT and MEDOFL, medium is offline?

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The Question is:

When we reuse DLT tapes in our autoloader at the init command we receive the
 following error:
$ init mkb400 BACKUP
%SYSTEM-F-MEDOFL, medium is offline
What is the process to correctly reuse a tape in Open VMS (BTW the tape wasn't
 write protected)?

The Answer is :

  The default behaviour for dismounting tape media involves an operation known
  as an unload.  Akin to the dismount of traditional reel-to-reel media, DLT,
  DAT and other cartidge media is left in a drive state where the operator must
  effectively remove and insert a cartridge to enable access.  This interlock
  prevents software from unintentionally overwriting media during a volume
  If the use of DCL commands such as DISMOUNT/NOUNLOAD -- and also see the
  MOUNT/NOUNLOAD command -- and assuming that removing and reinserting the
  media does not resolve this behaviour, please contact the support center
  directly.  Expect to be asked which ECOs you have installed, and which DLT
  tape drive is involved.

answer written or last revised on ( 21-JAN-2003 )

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