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Seeking Details of HP and PCL printing?

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The Question is:

Which HP laser printers can process VMS control codes? We need to print output
 from jobs generated in both PostScript and PCL.
Any suggestions appreciated! Thanks Mr. Wizard!

The Answer is :

  You have unfortunately reached the OpenVMS Operating System Wizard,
  and not the Printer Hardware Wizard.
  OpenVMS provides mechanisms for converting ANSI device control sequences
  (often simply called escape sequences or control sequences) into the
  device-specific sequences that are supported by a particular printer
  when using the DECprint Supervisor (DCPS) package, as part of the process
  of conversion of the document into the format required by the particular
  printer.  This can include the conversion of Postscript-format documents
  into PCL for printing on a PCL-based printer, for instance.
  DCPS can and does provide for various file format conversions.  Please
  see the DCPS Software Product Description (SPD) for the supported format
  conversions and the supported printers.
  If DCPS is not used, OpenVMS expects the printer to support ANSI device
  control sequences.  If these are not supported directly by the printer,
  some manner of print symbiont-based conversion software or file format
  conversion software is mandated.  Alternatively, the software tool that
  produces the particular file format will have to be changed, or (often)
  a different output format selected from those formats available within
  the particular tool.
  As for which HP printers support which conversions within their native
  printer firmware and which HP printers have support for ANSI device
  control sequences, please see the avaiilable HP printer documentation
  and (if such a Wizard exists) please contact the Printer Wizard or
  (better) directly contact the HP printer sales organization.

answer written or last revised on ( 21-JAN-2003 )

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