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The Question is:

I am trying to port an Application from VAX to Alpha. I have read your on-line
 documentation about migrating, followed the recommendations, and am still
 experiencing problems with the version I create on the Alpha as described below.
The application is written in Fortan and uses Decforms. Data is passed between
 the form and Fortran subroutines using Form records (form) and  Structures
 (Fortran Subroutines).  The problem occurs in structures which contain a Date
 (defined as data type "
Date" in form and  INTEGER*4  my_date(2) in the structure).
The following error is from the forms trace file. Note the first element of the
 array distributed the date without problems. Yet the second failed.
Begin distributing record field WORKBASKET_GP.MFG_DATE to form
                    Distributing record field WORKBASKET_GP(1).MFG_DATE to form
                    Distributing record field WORKBASKET_GP(2).MFG_DATE to form
                    %FORMS-E-CONVERR, error while converting from one data type
 to another.
                    -SYSTEM-F-IVTIME, invalid time
                    Returning receive control text "EI003".
                  End request.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Additional notes/questions on this matter:
1. Our VAX Decforms is version 2.2 while our Alpha Decforms is version 3.0. Do
 you know of any problems/required changes/quirks in going from 2.2. to 3.0?
 Also, I cannot find Decforms documentation for 3.0 on your website (I did find
2. I am looking for examples of passing data between Decforms and Fortran using
 structures. In the DECforms 2.2 docs, I found an example that relates a form
 record to a COBOL "structure" but no Fortran examples.
Thank you.

The Answer is :

  Please use the available OpenVMS debugger tool, and particularly please
  use available debugger commands such as EXAMINE and EXAMINE/DATE_TIME to
  determine the particular contents of the date variables involved here.
  The debugger is a central and invaluable tool for examining the initial
  and the dynamic environments of an application program.
  This may be a case of invalid date data stored in the variable, or this
  could be a case of bad data alignment -- see the OpenVMS FAQ for a
  discussion of data alignment as applicable to C -- or this code could
  have some other and as yet undetermined problem.  There could also be
  a problem with one of the layered products involved, obviously.
  The documentation website does not include the documentation for all
  possible products.  For products not available on the website, please
  see the CD documentation distribution media, or please order the hardcopy
  For further assistance with this -- and assuming that the use of the
  debugger does not point directly to the problem -- please contact the
  support center.

answer written or last revised on ( 21-JAN-2003 )

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