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FileView, Customization, Mouse Buttons?

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The Question is:

In a fileview window, clicking the right mouse button on a selected file
 produces a drop-down menu of file types which differ according to the type,
 e.g. EXE files allow Copy, Purge, Run, or Show File; OBJ files only allow
 Copy, Purge, and Show File; most
 other file types allow a much bigger choice.
How can I customize these:
a.  for myself
b.  for the user community (I have administrator rights)?
Thank you for listening.

The Answer is :

  In FileView, select the Options Menu pulldown and select the File Type.
  Customize as desired.
  The following is additional material related to notation.  Please see
  the applicable style guide for further details.
  The OpenVMS Wizard will assume that the current mouse configuration is
  right-handed.  (In the experience of the OpenVMS Wizard, it is somewhat
  more common for left-handed users to be familiar with the mouse button
  organization, settings, and notation.  It is also somewhat more common
  for right-handed users to reference buttons as right and left buttons.)
  To avoid hand-ambiguity, X Windows refers to the three buttons on the
  typical three-button mouse as simply MB1, MB2, and MB3.
  Within the Motif and CDE style guides, these three buttons are expected
  to perform functions variously known as Select or Adjust, Drag or Transfer,
  and Menu or Custom (application-specific function, pop-up menu, etc),
  respectively.   (With a two-button mouse, MB1 and MB2 chorded together
  will produce MB3.)  Whether the mouse and the buttons are configured
  for left-handed or right-handed operations is left entirely to the user.
  With the stated assumptions, the mouse button involved here is MB3.

answer written or last revised on ( 22-JAN-2003 )

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