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OPCOM process startup failure?

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The Question is:

OPCOM cannot be manually strarted on our 4100. No error is returned. process
 simply does not start.

The Answer is :

  Without error information and without a process dump file or other
  diagnostics, no specific determination is feasible.
  There are a number of ECO kits for OpenVMS Alpha V7.1-2, and there
  are also multiple subsequent OpenVMS releases.
  Please consider upgrading to a supported OpenVMS release, and please
  also apply the mandatory ECO kits for the OpenVMS release in use.
  As of this writing, OpenVMS V7.2-2 and OpenVMS V7.3-1 would be the
  prefered OpenVMS releases.

answer written or last revised on ( 27-JAN-2003 )

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