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MONITOR and DECnet VPM Connection Error?

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The Question is:

$monitor/cluster issues the following error:
%MONITOR-I-ESTABCON, establishing connection to remote node(s)...
%VPM-W-NOCONNECT, Unable to connect to remote node ZIRCON
-MONITOR-W-NODEINIERR, error during node initialization
%MONITOR-I-CONT, continuing....
I'm logged in as "system". Probably just a decnet object password to reset or
I cant remember wich object or username is involved in monitor/cluster.

The Answer is :

  The DECnet VPM server object has its own username and password,
  assuming that the DECnet network on the remote node was configured
  with it.  (NET$CONFIGURE and NETCONFIG are the tools that would
  have been used for DECnet-Plus and DECnet Phase IV, respectively.)
  Please ensure you have the current mandatory ECO kits and all
  MONITOR and VPM ECO kits, please seriously consider an upgrade
  to a supported release, and (if the problem persists) please
  contact the support center for assistance.

answer written or last revised on ( 27-JAN-2003 )

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