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Unreadable DCL command procedures? (DCLDIET)

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The Question is:

Was vmsinstal written with some kind of code generator ? Is it available ?

The Answer is :

  What you see in this and in several other DCL command procedures is a
  result of a tool known as DCLDIET.  This DCLDIET tool was implemented
  many years ago, and to effectively resolve problems -- largely the disk
  storage and processor performance that was available with the VAX-11/700
  series processors.
  The OpenVMS Wizard cannot and will not recommend this tool, and would
  prefer that OpenVMS itself not use such a tool.    Like all optimizations,
  the particular need for DCLDIET has effectively passed -- further, the
  problems and limits present with VMSINSTAL itself have also led to the
  replacement of VMSINSTAL with PCSI.
  OpenVMS Engineering does not maintain the DCLDIET version of this nor
  of any other similar tools processed with DCLDIET.  All changes to these
  tools are made to the original source version of the tool, and not to
  the version that has been subjected to DCLDIET.
  If you wish to subject your own DCL command procedures to DCLDIET -- and
  this is not recommended -- please see the DCL_CHECK_DIET directory on
  the OpenVMS Freeware V5.0 distribution.  Pointers to the Freeware are
  available in the OpenVMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

answer written or last revised on ( 6-FEB-2003 )

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