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SYSMAN and process account setting?

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The Question is:

On upgrading from V7.1 to V7.3 we find that
when fetching the account name in SYSMAN
from the remote node sharing uaf, we get
mc sysman
set env/node=REMOTE_NODE
do write sys$output f$getjpi("","account")
From another node in the cluster not sharing
the uaf, it works.
We have procedures that rely on the account
being set.
I do not see this in the fixes for in V7.3-1
and our local support say this
is correct and it should never have worked
in previous releases.
Should this work? And if so has it been
fixed? I have looked thru patches but do not
see any reference.
Thanks for your help.

The Answer is :

  Assuming you have all current mandatory ECOs and any ECOs specific
  to SYSMAN applied for OpenVMS Alpha V7.3, please contact the support
  center directly for assistance.

answer written or last revised on ( 6-FEB-2003 )

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