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IP Network Services and File Security?

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The Question is:

I have an Alpha DS10 running Open VMS 7.3 and
Tcpip V 5.1 ECO 3. When trying to pull files
from the server or just browsing the files
I was only able to see the protection field when
doing a remote directory.
I used ACL's to protect the directory. The
Owner of the file had the rights identifier.
In order to see the file names I had to open
the Owner ship field up to the Owner. It had
to have read, write, execute and delete in order to see the file names. What is
 happening here. It makes no sense that read, write ,execute and delete are
 needed to read this directory.

The Answer is :

  Your assumption around access not requiring delete access is correct,
  which indicates that there are other configuration issues here.
  Please move to the current TCP/IP Services release, and the current
  ECO for the release as available.
  Please see the TCP/IP Services documentation on setting up proxies,
  if this is NFS access.  If this is FTP, see the information on setting
  up the FTP server, and (if applicable) FTP anonymous access.
  Please enable and use security alarms to monitor file access failures.
  Please contact the support center, and indicate what sort of services
  are used here -- the OpenVMS Wizard will assume this was FTP access
  and not NFS, for instance.  Also expect to be asked details of the
  particular protection settings.

answer written or last revised on ( 31-JAN-2003 )

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