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DECnet Executor Buffer Size, Receive Errors?

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The Question is:

We are getting DECnet Receive failures (~50/hour) on the line for an Alpha
 Server 2000 4/275.  We have a similar AS 2000 on the network with no Receive
 failures as well as two Alpha Station 400 4/233's with no Receive failures.
 All ALphas are running DEC
net 4.0.0 and we are routing through a DEChub 900.  We recently added some
 DECserver 700's to the network.  Are the Receive failures indicative of a
 hardware problem, tuning problem, loading problem or something else?
Also, the AS 2000 without failures has the "Buffer size" in NCP>SHOW EXEC CHAR
 set to 1088 while the other Alphas all have 576.  Is there optimal value for
 this parameter?

The Answer is :

  You likely have a controller or network hardware problem.
  The usual solution is to segment the network, in an attempt
  to isolate the failing component.
  576 is a common setting, though networks with support for larger
  circuit transfers will transparently permit larger transfers --
  regardless of the host executor setting.  (Only if all hosts and
  particularly all cicuits in the network support larger buffers
  should you increase the executor buffer size setting.)

answer written or last revised on ( 31-JAN-2003 )

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