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Images and RMS Record Too Big (RTB) Error?

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The Question is:

When I run executeable files on our system, errors like the following are
 given:  %RMS-W-RTB, 512 byte record too large for user's buffer.  What is
 wrong here, and how do I fix it?  THANKS!

The Answer is :

  This implies an unusual process context or process environment, or
  corrupted images, or an unusual RUN or DCL$PATH-based command syntax.
  Without specific information on the image attributes and the image
  invocation, no more specific answer is feasible.
  Please confirm your process quotas are sufficient, that the images
  match the file attributes expected, and then please contact the
  support center.  Expect to be asked details of the images, the
  image invocation, and the process quotas.

answer written or last revised on ( 31-JAN-2003 )

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