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BACKUP (xcopy) and Directory Tree?

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The Question is:

Dear wizard
I am trying to do a copy including subdirectories and preserving the directory
In my search, I came upon Your answer 6303 which should do the trick.
It do copy also subdirecories and whats in them, but the files from the
 subdirectories are all placed in the root-directory on the destination, and
 not in the subdirectories where they belong.
(The subdirectories have been created by the copy-command on the destination,
 but they are , as mentione above, empty.)
Is Backup the only way out ?
In advance, Thank You for Your help.

The Answer is :

  When asking a question such as this, the Wizard requests that the
  specific DCL command(s) used be included in the question.
  Please use the exact BACKUP command displayed in (6303).
  Without knowing the exact BACKUP command used here, the OpenVMS Wizard
  can only assume that the very critical "..." portion of the output
  directory specification was omitted from the BACKUP target specification.
  For information on OpenVMS and on BACKUP, please see the OpenVMS User's
  Guide and the OpenVMS BACKUP utility documentation in the OpenVMS System
  Manager's Utilities manual.  Both of these are available at the OpenVMS
  documentation website.

answer written or last revised on ( 5-FEB-2003 )

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