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DEClaser Hardware Failure or Configuration Error

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The Question is:

Our DECLASER 3500 printer suddenly quit printing.  It appears that the BAUD RATE
is not set correctly.  However we cannot tell.
When we go into the setup menu per the manual
we cannot access the serial port setting. It
is not there. I found a possible problem from your ask the Wizard answers
 dealing with the
F5 key.  Does this sound like our problem? I
just can't imagine that simply hitting the F5
key on the operator console would be allowed to do this without soem type of

The Answer is :

  Please contact your hardware support organization for assistance with
  this printer; support for the DEClaser series -- temporarily supported
  by Genicom, as well -- ended some years ago.
  The OpenVMS Wizard sees no discussions of the F5 (BREAK) key that are
  particularly related to DEClaser 3500 (LN14) printing.
  Given current printer prices and capabilities and the limitations of
  the existing and ancient DEClaser 3500 (LN14) printer.  Please see
  topics (5799) and (689) for some of the discussions of feature-related
  The OpenVMS Wizard would replace this printer with a current-generation
  NIC-capable printer.  (The OpenVMS Wizard is aware that the DEClaser
  3500 had an optional NIC.  Key phrase here: current-generation.)
  Baud rate discussions only generally apply to serial connections.  Thus,
  for details of baud rates and serial devices, please see (1044) and the
  details of connecting a modem to OpenVMS referenced in the FAQ.
  (It has been many years since the OpenVMS Wizard has seen a DEClaser of
  this vintage.)

answer written or last revised on ( 10-FEB-2003 )

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