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Personal Workstation (PWS) -a series?

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The Question is:

I want to install OpenVMS 7.3 on a 500a Series Alpha and I understand that
 OpenVMS 7.3 can onlyu be installed with a SCSI Cdrom.
The problem is when I power the 500a system
it does not show the SCSI Drives.
I have a Adpec 2940 with a SCSI Drive and SCSI CDROM connected to the same card.
The harddrive is on the UW channel and the CDROM is on the 50-pin connector.
I recently updated the firmware using the "Alpha Systems firmware Update V5.9"
 CD on the IDE CDROM.
Why doesn't this Alpha 500a show the SCSI devices while set to OpenVMS?
The 500a does see the SCSI device when I enter the AlphaBIOS but under SRM, WHY?

The Answer is :

  Related topics include (3044), (3119), (3132), (3820), (3977), (4490),
  (4934), (5011), (5118), (5584), (5604), (7162), (7770), (7945), and
  (8379), and please review the discussion of the (lack of support for
  the -a series Alpha systems) that is present in the OpenVMS FAQ.

answer written or last revised on ( 5-FEB-2003 )

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