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File Last Access Date?

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The Question is:

I have a problem with the OpenVMS NFS client: the revision date of the file on
 OpenVMS is the UNIX last access date and not the modification one. The file is
 on a Solaris system running SunOS 5.7, and the file is accessed from a PC
 running Windows2000.
The file belongs to me and is read only. The key point seems to be that, on the
 OpenVMS proxy, my VMS username is associated both with the host name of the
 solaris machine and with the host name of my PC.

The Answer is :

  This is a limitation of the current NFS and OpenVMS File System
  implementations.  Last access date support is becoming available,
  with the first OpenVMS file system support in OpenVMS V7.3-1.

answer written or last revised on ( 5-FEB-2003 )

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