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Problems Accessing Tape Device?

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The Question is:

Hello Wizard,
I am new to the VAX-OpenVMS OS and am having difficulties performing a backup
 to a Compaq Tape Drive. We are running OpenVMS V5.5-2 on a model 4000-300 VAX
 machine. After shutting down w/ the the REBOOT_CHECK option, I ensure that the
 TAPE Drive is indeed
 ONLINE. When at the $ prompt, I enter the below command for the backup.
$backup/image/verify DRIVENAME: mua0:setDATEOFBACKUP.bck/label=none/rewind
The system comes back telling me that it can't find the device or the device is
 not mounted and asks if I want to perform another backup. Am I doing something
 wrong? How could I fix this?
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Brian McDonald

The Answer is :

  Your device configuration is invalid, your tape device unsupported,
  your device faulty, your specified device name is incorrect, or
  OpenVMS device autoconfiguration is disabled.  This can be a result
  of a device-level configuration error, or due to an incorrect CSR
  setting on one or more Q-bus controllers, or any number of other
  potential problems.
  The MU device indicates a TMSCP-accessable tape device, such as a
  TU81 series nine-track magtape or the TK50 series cartridge tape
  device.  It also implies you are using Q-bus-based controllers or
  potentially DSSI-based device access, though there are certainly
  other configuration options possible.  (The device name does not
  specifically which of a large number of differing tape devices and
  tape controllers and tape I/O connection technologies are in use.)
  Please contact HP customer services for assistance with resolving
  this, as details of the device and the device configuration will
  be required.

answer written or last revised on ( 6-FEB-2003 )

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