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Seeking Itanium C Conditionalizations?

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The Question is:

While editting source now, it would be handy to know what the predefined macros
 will be in the C and C++ compilers on OpenVMS Itanium.
In particular
#if !defined(__VAX) && !defined(__ALPHA)
would be the same as
#ifdef What?
For DCL scripts, what will be the results of f$getsyi("arch_name"),
 f$getsyi("CPU"), and
OBTW, you need IPF in the web page whewre itr asks "cpu architecture".  The web
 site didn't seem to like it when I chose "other".

The Answer is :

  This particular compiler-level information has not been announced as
  (unfortunately) the associated platform product names were only very
  recently resolved.
  The current assumption is one of the following values:
  though the selection of none of these is presently a certainty -- as
  release nears, additional details will be provided.  (It is currently
  rather likely that the acronym IPF will not be used by OpenVMS.)
  You can obviously use your own, potentially including the use of a
  predefined constant of your own preference based on the value returned
  by the $getsyi SYI$_ARCH_TYPE value.  Or you can use a combination such
  as __VMS and !defined(__VAX) and !defined(__ALPHA).

answer written or last revised on ( 10-FEB-2003 )

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