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OpenVMS VAX TKZ9F 8mm tape support?

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The Question is:

Will VMS 5.5-2 running on a MV3100 support a TKZ9F 8mm tape? If so, where can I
 get dip switch documentation to set the scsi id?

The Answer is :

  This device is not considered to be supported under OpenVMS VAX.
  While the device may or may not operate under generic MK support,
  it has not (to the knowledge of the OpenVMS Wizard) been tested.
  The requirement that the host supports the reception of SCSI
  disconnects during tape operations may well preclude the correct
  operation of this device on OpenVMS VAX releases this old.
  The TKZ9E is (was) supported on more recent OpenVMS VAX platforms.
  Switchpack bits 10, 11, and 12 encode SCSI ID bits 2, 1, and 0,
  Here is the typical switchpack setting for use with OpenVMS:
    1   enable or disable terminator power
    2   OFF
    3   ON
    4   OFF
    5   OFF
    6   ON
    7   ON
    8   OFF
    9   OFF
    10  SCSI ID bit 2
    11  SCSI ID bit 1
    12  SCSI ID bit 0
  This product is a low-volume custom product, and not one that is
  supported from within the OpenVMS Engineering organization; you
  will not find this device listed in the OpenVMS Software Product
  Description (SPD).

answer written or last revised on ( 12-FEB-2003 )

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