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Third-party software? (SQR)

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The Question is:

During execution of an SQR program on OpenVMS we get the following message :
%RMS-W-RTB, 268 byte record too large for user's buffer
What to do?

The Answer is :

  The RMS-W-RTB record too big error is almost invariably an application
  problem or application bug, and almost never an OpenVMS problem.
  SQR is not a standard component of OpenVMS, therefor you will want to
  contact the vendor or support organization for assistance.
  The usual causes of the RTB error are static buffer allocations (and
  being static, these are usually built into the application, and thus
  difficult to change), or the program has a mechanism to dynamically
  resize the allocation and that mechanism is not functioning correctly.
  One of the more common mechanisms used is based on the RMS MRS or LRL
  values; on the file Maximum Record Size or Longest Record Length.
  The MRS and LRL settings can be changed with the SET FILE/ATTRIBUTE
  command, though that may or may not permit the application to operate
  with the file and may or may not effectively corrupt the file.  (You
  will want to have a backup copy of these files before using the SET
  FILE command.)
  Again, you will want to contact the organization or individual that
  supports the SQR package.

answer written or last revised on ( 12-FEB-2003 )

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