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telnet printing and formfeeds (blank pages)?

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The Question is:

I've an Alphserver 1200 5/533MB with VMS 7.1-2 and TCP/IP 4.2.  We are in the
 process of replacing line printers with line-matrix printers.  I have the
 current queue set as a Telnet queue with port 9100 (used for Laser printers).
 From what I can see, the
re is no page eject after the last data line of a report is printed before the
 flag page of the next report (the reports always print at top-of-form).  I've
 used the same tlb that's used for our laser printers (primarily for the
 RESET), but the problem pe
rsists.  I've added BURST, FLAG, and TRAILER as well as
 NOBURST,NOFLAG,NOTRAILER or any combination; I've even removed the library to
 see if that's the problem.
In looking through the Ask The Wizard, there's a similar request (#1816), but
 aside from the fact that the commands don't seem to work, the printers in
 question seem to be LaserJets.  Again, this is for a LINE-MATRIX printer
 intended to replace the IMPACT
This problem doesn't occur for forms of fixed length (say 20 lines), but does
 occur with forms that end anywhere on the page (it looks like there's no
 recognizable form-feed).  Just so you know, the line-matrix printer in use is
 a Printronix P5220.
Thanks for the help.

The Answer is :

  If topics (1020) and (8189) and topics cited there do not resolve
  this, please contact the support center.
  Please consider an upgrade into a supported configuration of product
  Please also evaluate the printer documentation, and contact the
  printer vendor for assistance with the particular details.

answer written or last revised on ( 12-FEB-2003 )

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