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MAIL of MIME Document Fails?

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The Question is:

Dear wizards,
it seems to be an ever-lasting topic: SMTP and MIME. We are running an OpenVMS
 cluster V7.2-2 as mail relay with TCP/IP services V5.3 ECO01, SMTP with
 8BIT-Hack. We experience a problem sending PDF attachments from PCs equipped
 with Outlook 2000. Appendin
g decent PDF files without zipping them results in garbled PDF files at the
 receiving end. It seems that this might have to do with coding the MIME part
 in quoted printable format, but I'm not sure. PCs blame all this to OpenVMS,
 OpenVMS blames it to PC s

The Answer is :

  Assuming you are using the SFF techniques exactly as described in
  the OpenVMS TCP/IP Services manual to send your MIME-encoded mail,
  and assuming you have current mandatory and MIME-related ECO kits
  applied, please contact the customer support center for assistance.

answer written or last revised on ( 2-APR-2003 )

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