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Disk-to-Disk BACKUP/IMAGE?

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The Question is:

I created a tape backup image of a 9.1GB disk that has only 15% of it's blocks
 used. How can I restore that image to a 4.3GB disk? Attempted a backup/image
 restore and the free blocks went to zero and the cluster size also indicated
 zero. Any help would b
e greatly appreciated.

The Answer is :

  The specific behaviour reported implies an error occured.
  Please contact the customer support center, as the specific BACKUP
  commands utilized will be required -- the sequence described should
  work, assuming reasonable volume settings and normally-expected
  and documented BACKUP utility commands.
  restoration would be recommended when dramatically changing the
  volume characteristics.  BACKUP/IMAGE does preserve the file
  identifiers (FIDs), which can preclude restoration onto smaller
  volumes or under-initialized volumes; accordingly, you may need
  to use a file-oriented BACKUP operation and not BACKUP/IMAGE.
  But again, without some idea of the commands and the environment,
  not specific answer is possible.
  If you are running OpenVMS Alpha V7.1-2 and not V7.3-1, please
  consider an upgrade to a supported release.  Regardless of the
  OpenVMS release, please apply the available mandatory ECO kits
  and (in this case) any ECOs associated with BACKUP, the file
  system, MOUNT, and other closely-related system components.

answer written or last revised on ( 7-JAN-2004 )

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