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BACKUP Binary Compatibility of Sequential Files?

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The Question is:

Hey guys, here is my issue. We are currently using an NT NFS gateway to offer
 Non NT file shares to PC's on our network from Unix/VMS. We are testing a NAS
 Filer from Netapps. This filer will replace our gateway. The filer is running
 a lean Unix kernel un
der the covers, but looks very windows'ish up top. With the Gateway we mount a
 share FROM VMS to the NFS Gateway, which in turn offers the share up to the
 network as a regular windows file share. With the Filer we mount a share FROM
 the filer locally to o
ur VMS box and that same share is offered up to the network. Here is the
 problem, all of my RMS files that are variable length, carriage control,
 carriage return on this share have no line feeds when I edit the files with
 Notepad /Wordpad/Word on a PC. Al
so the files become STREAMLF when I copy the files to the share from VMS. Is
 there any way to get around this without converting the file on VMS with an
 FDL that changes the file to STEAMLF?

The Answer is :

  Advanced Server offers the ability to serve shares from OpenVMS.
  As for this forest of gatgeways and servers and clients, the
  OpenVMS Wizard has no idea what is going on here or what might
  (or might not) happen here.
  As for file organizations, the most portable sequential file
  format is generally Stream LF -- other OpenVMS file organizations
  are not as directly accessable on other platforms, as the low-level
  file record organization must be interpreted on each platform based
  on the platform-specific file system expectations.
  OpenVMS with TCP/IP Services NFS offers an ADF file conversion
  mechanism, which might be of some assistance.  See the NFS chapter
  of the TCP/IP Services Management manual for details on the ADF
  file implementation.

answer written or last revised on ( 14-FEB-2003 )

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