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Cluster Internals? (SCS SYSAPs)

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The Question is:

Can you tell me what the scs$transport field loc_proc_name under the
 connections heading in $show clus/cont represents?
Paul Cotton

The Answer is :

  Those are the various SYSAP (System Application) processes and are also
  often the end-points of active cluster connections.  These SYSAPs are
  not specifically OpenVMS processes, but are applications or service
  offerings that are known to the Systems Communications Services (SCS)
  layer within an OpenVMS Cluster configuration.  That said, these SYSAP
  processes -- the term process has one meaning within SCS, and another
  within OpenVMS -- can and often are implemented as OpenVMS processes.
  SCA$TRANSPORT is specifically the name of the SYSAP used for interprocess
  communications for DECdtm transaction manager and for the Queue Manager.
  For OpenVMS applications seeking to use SCS for intra-cluster communications,
  please use the sys$icc call.
  For additional information on the internal data structures and operations
  of a cluster, the SDA commands SHOW CONNECTION and SHOW CLUSTER/SCS, and
  Roy Davis' book VAXcluster Principles -- this book is presently available
  (demand print) -- can all be of interest here.  And as usual, a copy of
  the Internals and Data Structures Manual can also provide some related
  details of the internal operations of OpenVMS itself.

answer written or last revised on ( 10-MAR-2003 )

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