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Help Debugging SYSERROR Error?

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The Question is:

A subprocess from an overnight interactive process fails with "sort-f-syserror".
What specifically causes this error.
Run again manually, and it worked OK.

The Answer is :

  $ help/message syserror
  SYSERROR,  system service error
  Facility:     Shared by several facilities
  Explanation:  An error occurred while executing a system service.
  User Action:  Take action based on the accompanying message.
  As with many OpenVMS utilities, SORT32 signals this error when an
  OpenVMS system service returns an error.
  To help you better detemine which system service is failing on your
  system, the customer support center will need the exact command and
  the output from the overnight process which causes the display of
  this SYSERROR error.  This required information can require details of
  the API usage within the application, if this is an application image.
  For information on debugging and on some common application coding bugs,
  please see topics (7552) and (1661), and topics referenced from there.

answer written or last revised on ( 19-FEB-2003 )

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