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VAX Performance Upgrades?

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The Question is:

I have twoVAX systems:
  1. VAX 4000-600 with 256 Mb sitting idle and gathering dust.
  2. VAX 4000-300 with 64 Mb in production.  User response is brutal.  This
 sysem is deficient
    in memory and cpu power.
Is memory between the two systems compatible?
Are the cpu's compatible?

The Answer is :

  Both the physical memory and the processor differ between the Pele
  (model 300) and the Omega (model 600) series VAX systems.
  This is a box swap upgrade, in other words.
  Please contact your hardware and software services organizations for
  assistance in bringing the VAX 4000 model 600 on-line -- the rated
  speed of the model 600 is roughly quadruple that of the model 300.
  More recent Alpha and Itanium systems are yet faster than these and
  other VAX systems, of course.
  That said, details of the particular performance-limiting factor(s)
  can greatly assist with a targeted upgrade.  If neither memory nor
  processor performance are the actual limiting factors for these
  systems, upgrading these factors may not result in an aggregate
  system performance improvement.  The Performance manual can help
  you determine the performance-limiting factor(s), and can thus help
  you identify, to measure, and even to predict the need for specific
  system or hardware upgrades.

answer written or last revised on ( 19-FEB-2003 )

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